Herschels Supply Company

Herschels sells a wide range of stuff where mostly their targeted audience would be youngsters such us myself. In this company, i work as their cashier and promoter where i will be equipped with skills on how to use a cashier. A tip to most part-timers, is to pay attention to where the new stocks are kept in the shops and always try to be as helpfull as you can towards the customers.

Dr Martens Airwairs

Dr Martens Airwairs sells heavy type shoes like safety shoes.Their targeted buyers will be the middle age working adults. In this company, i work as their retail worker and stock counter.Which i am tasked with the job to check their stock count every month and make sure the money banking in is correct.A tip to those part-timers who is planning to join those shoe-types jobs, you will need to have a great memory tryng to remember the codes and sizes of the shoes and even need to serve the customers to a certain extend.

Tim Buk 2 San Francisco

Tim BUk 2 sells sports related bags or equipments where their buyers will mostly fall in the age group of 16-40 for those who loves to excersise. In this company, i work as their cashier and promoter.Which, since i am already been equipped with the skills of using a cashier, and Tim Buk 2 and Herschels are sort of working together, I am already used to working as their part-timers.Thus, my only tip to new part-timers is to try to learn to enjoy your job so that you will exile.

Bratpack BP

Bratpack is a company that works under a group of organisation thats sells different types of brands such as Herschel,Tim Buk 2 and Dr Martens.When i was working for them, i am placed in mostly as an event base coordinator that helps transport stocks and promotes in in the event itself.This kind of job can be very tiring and may not be suitable for some of us but the pay is indeed higher,which i will highly reccomend those who can take hardship to take on these kind of part-time jobs.